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Woman Seriously Injured In Speed-Related Accident In Kent

Authorities in Washington reported yet another serious accident during the Thanksgiving weekend. This time, the crash took place in Kent.

The Sunday accident involved a woman from Mulkiteo. Officials say they had to send her to the hospital promptly due to the serious injuries she sustained.

The 23-year-old driver was traveling northbound in the HOV lane of the Highway 167 after 2:15 a.m. when she allowed her vehicle to leave the highway toward the right shoulder. She then drove into a brush embankment, hitting a tree. The vehicle rolled several times as a result before it ended up on a restricted access road. Officials say that the impact helped to eject her from the vehicle. She remained outside of her vehicle for at least six hours before a passing driver found her.

Officials reported that her 2014 Toyota Scion tC was totaled. The driver did not have her seat belt on at the time of the crash.

Speed appears to be the reason behind the crash, but officials didn’t list any other factors.

Seat Belts Can Save A Life In A Similar Accident

The horrific accident that sent this woman to the hospital happens all too often in Washington. Drivers and motorcycle riders must keep in mind at all times that going above the speed limit is not just against traffic rules.

Speeding makes accidents more likely because it makes it easier for the driver to lose control of the vehicle. And depending on the weather, speeding can become even more dangerous.

While speeding makes it easier for accidents to happen, wearing the seat belt can save your life in the event of a crash. While we’re not exactly sure how this accident would have turned out if the driver was wearing her seat belt, it’s safe to say that the safety feature has a proven track record for saving lives. By securing occupants in the event of crashes, seat belts help to prevent serious and sometimes deadly injuries.

Whenever you are preparing to hit the road, remember to make sure you and all your passengers secure your seat belts. That will help ensure your chances of avoiding injuries will be much greater.

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