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Woman Killed In Kent I-5 Crash

It’s with great pain that we report that a crash that took place on Interstate 5 has resulted in at least one fatality.

All too often, these crashes expose countless people to risks. While in this case only one victim appears to have been deadly injured, at least one other was also injured as a result. These accidents cannot be ignored since they put the lives of many Washington drivers and passengers in danger.

The latest crash to result in a death happened Friday, when a a vehicle heading south on Interstate 5 crashes into another vehicle. As a result, the first car rolled over into the median, causing a woman to be ejected into northbound I-5. Unfortunately, the Washington State Patrol reports, the woman was struck by three cars afterwards.

At least one car rolled over while trying to avoid hitting the woman, causing the driver to suffer minor injuries.

Investigators are looking into this crash to determine who was driving the vehicle that eventually rolled over first, causing the woman to be ejected. The three other people who were all in the car with the victim survived the accident with non life-threatening injuries. At least one was taken into the custody of the authorities over an outstanding felony warrant.

After the collision, lanes were closed in both directions of I-5 for several hours. Traffic was diverted onto Highway 516, causing commuters to experience significant delay.

We’re saddened that this crash resulted in a fatality and that others were also injured. But we hope that the authorities are working relentlessly to make sure that this issue is addressed properly.

It’s also uncertain what exactly caused this crash, and if there were any factors that may have contributed. Regardless, we hope that the victim’s family is obtaining the support they require in this time of need.

We also hope that those who were injured are able to experience a swift recovery.

If you’re serious about your safety, avoid speeding at all costs. A crash like this may be avoided. And while we are still not sure of what caused it, we can say for certain that other similar crashes can be prevented simply if drivers are paying attention to the road, following local road rules, and making sure that distraction isn’t part of their driving routine.

For more on this crash, follow this link.

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