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Woman Killed In Crash After Police Call Off High Speed Chase

A tragic auto crash involving a 39-year-old woman from Yakima resulted in her death, reports show.

According to a series of news reports, the woman died Sunday morning on State Route 24 after a crash that happened after officials decided to call off a pursuit over high rates of speed.

This type of crash shouldn’t be ignored as drivers oftentimes drive at excessive speeds, putting themselves and others in grave danger.

According to a series of reports, the woman drove off after troopers attempted to pull her over. As she drove away, she would drive at speeds that would reach 100 mph at times. As the driver turned east onto Terrance Heights Way, authorities stopped the pursuit. Unfortunately, the woman continued to flee. As she was headed east on State Route 24, a 40-year-old driver of Yakima who wasn’t wearing his seat belt was going southbound on Birchfield. As the 39-year-old driver passed traffic using the left turn lane even though traffic had stopped for a red light, the 39-year-old woman crashed into the 40-year-old’s truck.

The man was ejected due to the crash’s impact. He was taken to the hospital where he is receiving treatment.

The 39-year-old was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

Officials have yet to confirm whether the driver was under the influence. Officials are also unaware of whether there were any other factors that may have caused the crash to occur. Until the investigation is concluded, we may not know what happened.

Still, we want to use this opportunity to let the victim’s family and loved ones know our thoughts are with them. We also want to urge our readers and clients to do all in their power to avoid similar accidents by never traveling at high rates of speeds.

You may learn more about this accident by following this link.

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