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Woman Killed After Dog Bite Incident Involving Two Animals


Many dog attacks result in injuries that last a lifetime due to the scars they left behind. But all too often, dog attacks end up in fatalities. That’s why we often urge our readers to make sure they know how to avoid dog attacks.

Multiple news reports have indicated that recently, a 53-year-old from Connecticut dies in an incident involving two dogs. The woman sustained serious injuries and ended up succumbing to them after being taken to the hospital.

The victim reportedly knew the dogs’ owners, and was visiting him at the time of the incident. Both the dog owner and the victim were attacked the moment they walked onto the property. Kids and neighbors tried to stop the dogs.

According to witnesses, the attack was brutal.

The dogs’ owner also sustained dog bite injuries but they weren’t fatal. According to local officials, the dogs were American Bulldog mixes.

This tragic incident may sound like a rarity, but deadly dog attacks happen more often than you think. According to official data, 76 percent of attacks involving pit bulls, rottweilers, presa canarios, cane corsos, mastiffs, dogo argentinos, fila brasileiros, sharpeis, boxers, and their mixes lead to fatalities.

In 2015, 34 people in the United States died in dog attacks while in 2014, 42 people were also killed in similar incidents. Each year, 4.5 million dog bites occur across the country. When the incidents require hospitalization, they cost $18,200 on average, which is 50 percent higher than the average injury-related hospital stay.

Unfortunately for many victims, dog bite incidents happen in familiar environments, and with familiar dogs. Learning more about how to spot signs that dogs near you are stressed or irritated may help you to avoid deadly incidents.

For more on this tragic dog attack, follow this link for the full article. For information on how to avoid dog attacks, watch the video below.

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