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Washington Officials Worried After Thanksgiving Weekend Accident

Washington officials were busy across the state over Thanksgiving. Despite the extensive patrols and enforcement operations, people still became victims of tragic traffic accidents.

Late Saturday night, a 21-year-old woman from Bellevue was traveling north on I-5 near the 118th/Orillia Road when a man driving directly in front of her slowed down. He did so because the traffic ahead stopped. However, officials said, the woman was going too fast and couldn’t slow down her 2003 Saturn in time.

She swerved and her vehicle crashed into the man’s car as well as the guardrail.

The impact helped to eject her from the vehicle. The 1-year-old girl who was riding with the woman suffered life-threatening injuries. The man did not suffer any injuries.

Officials did not immediately release information related to the factor that led to this crash.

Prevent Tragic Accidents Like This

We’re not sure why the woman was going too fast to slow down for traffic, so we should not discuss this particular occurrence. However, many similar accidents happen because of distractions. Drivers traveling too fast may also fail to notice the traffic ahead is slowing down and collisions happen.

Other factors that may lead to similar accidents include drowsy driving and equipment failure.

Drowsy driving is, unfortunately, still very common. But drivers who are too tired to continue are at grave danger.

Like distracted drivers, drowsy drivers are not able to respond quickly to emergencies. As a result, they crash. This accident, whose victim was unable to slow down, should remind us of how vulnerable we all are.

Our thoughts go out to the victim’s family, and we hope the infant is recovering fully and quickly. In Washington, we lose too many people to traffic accidents. It’s time we begin to do all in our power to be safer drivers.

For more on this horrific accident, follow this link.

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