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With I-5 Bridge Closure, Officials Launch Distracted Driving Patrols

As the I-5 Bridge remains under construction in Vancouver, Washington, law enforcement officials are increasing their distracted driving patrols. 

Giving continuity to the Target Zero patrols, officials from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), and the Washington State Patrol (WSP) targeted the region, conducting stops and reminding drivers that phone use behind the wheel is always against the law. 

By targeting distracted drivers, officials hope to remind local motorists that in Washington state, 30% of all fatal traffic collisions in recent years involved a distracted driver. Likewise, about a quarter of all injury crashes were also traced back to distracted drivers. 

With the slogan “save your life, and don’t risk the lives of others,” law enforcement used the opportunity over the weekend to encourage drivers to put their phones out of their reach as soon as they enter the vehicle. 

“There are two things that can save lives, buckling up and putting your phone out of reach when you’re driving,” the program manager for Target Zero in Clark and Skamania counties told news outlets. 

Distracted Driving Patrols Catch More Than A Handful Of Inattentive Drivers

Troopers told news outlets that the last Target Zero operation in the state resulted in additional infractions that weren’t necessarily related to distracted driving. 

As a matter of fact, officials told reporters, they would often pull over drivers for texting while behind the wheel only to find out drivers were also operating without a license.  

One arrest made during the last operation involved a driver who tried to evade officials. When he was finally pulled over, law enforcement learned he was using marijuana while driving. 

If you make use of your phone regularly, remember that in Washington a first time distracted driving infraction will cost you $136. If pulled over a second time over distractions, the fine increases to $200. Additionally, your insurance policy can also increase as all infractions are reported to your insurance provider. 

Avoid being pulled over by never using your phone while behind the wheel. 
For more information on Target Zero, follow this link.

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