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Winter Car Safety Seat: How to Keep a Child Safe & Warm

Drivers who also happen to be parents have the toughest job of all.

As you all may know, traffic crashes are some of the most common causes of death among young children. In order to make sure that, throughout the holiday season, your children are safe and sound, we decided to look at some of the safety recommendations made by experts. Now, we’re bringing these recommendations to our blog in order to help our readers and clients have a better idea of how they should proceed during the cold months.

When it starts to get cold outside, parents begin to dress their little ones in coats and a great number of layers. Especially if your child is a baby. When seating your child in a car safety seat, remember that hick winter coats may pose a serious danger to the child. Why? Because they keep the straps from correctly protecting the child’s body. As a result, the straps may become loose and the child may slip through the straps in the event of a crash.

To ensure your child is safe, you must ensure the seat straps are fitting securely against the child’s body, otherwise, your child may be ejected.

To check the winter coats your child is wearing is safe to wear before you securely strap your child to the seat, put the winter coat or snowsuit on the child then place the child in the car seat. Buckle the harness normally and tighten the straps to secure the baby. Once that has been done, attempt to take the child out of the car seat but without loosening the straps. Then, without loosening the straps, take the child’s coat off and place the child back into the seat. Buckle the harnesses and leave them as they were before. If you’re able to fit more than one finger between the harness and the child’s collar bone, the coat is too thick and not safe to be worn before you place the child in the seat.

To keep your child warm and safe, parents must dress them warmly in thin layers. If you’re dressing a baby, dress them in close fitting bodysuits or leggings, adding a sweatshirt or thermal shirt afterwards. If necessary, also dress them in long pants. Before placing the child, make sure there’s nothing between the child’s back and the seat, then place the child in the device. After securing the child in the seat and tightening the straps, place a blanket and tuck it around the sides.

That’s how you ensure your child is safe and warm, no matter what.

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