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Winter Brings Fire-Related Dangers, Here’s How To Avoid Incidents

Winter driving can be scary, and that’s why we have, in the past, created several guides to help you be a safer driver during the coldest months. But there are other dangers lurking in the horizon when it comes to winter. Thankfully, our readers are well-informed and will take these safety concerns to heart.

At home, some of the greatest concerns anyone will face in Washington during winter is that certain space heaters and fireplaces can spark fires that can easily take over an entire home — or even building.

Every year, portable heaters are associated with 62,200 fired, which in turn are responsible for 670 deaths. Over 1,000 of individuals are also injured each year thanks to these devices. And what is worse is that many of these heaters are often defective, exposing victims to injuries that could have been prevented.

In order to avoid incidents, Washingtonians should keep in mind that heaters should never be near combustible items. When planning how to use the device, remember it should stant at least 36” away from other objects or furniture.

When looking for a heater, purchase only one that comes with a built-in high temperature and tip-over shutoff feature. This safety addition might as well save your life if an incident causes the device to fall over or if the heater goes beyond what is asked of it. Also, make sure the device is vented if you’re going to use the heater indoors.

Also, avoid using extension cords or power strips. Have the device plugged directly into the wall outlet.

To avoid other fire-related incidents during winter time, do not place a heater in exit paths or high traffic areas in your house, as individuals may end up tipping the device over.

Before going to bed, turn the space heaters off. And never leave a heater on if everyone is leaving the house.

For more tips on how to avoid winter fires at home, follow this link.

As personal injury attorneys, we have learned of countless incidents involving consumers who purchased defective or unsafe heaters, and others who, unfortunately, could have prevented an incident but didn’t.

We want you to have the best and safest winter and holiday season precisely because we care about you and your well being.

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