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While Parked at Supercharge Station, Tesla Car Catches Fire

Many recall campaigns are launched after vehicles were responsible for accidents that resulted in injuries, property damage, or even deaths.

An incident that involved a Tesla Model S in Norway could soon lead to a recall campaign, but only if the company is able to identify the factor that led to the incident in the first place and confirm that the issue was an equipment-related failure. If external problems are identified as the reason for the incident, however, a recall should not be in order.

According to several news reports, a Tesla Model S owner in Norway left his car charging at a Supercharger station and stepped away. When he went back to the place where the vehicle was parked, he found a wreckage instead.

The vehicle had burned to a crisp while charging and gladly, nobody was injured.

Reports show that firefighters were only able to arrive at the place of the incident after the vehicle had already burned down. The factor that resulted in the fire was not immediately identified, but the company has stated that it’s investigating this incident in order to understand what happened.

If there was an equipment failure, a recall campaign should be carried out promptly. But until the moment we’re fully aware of what exactly happened, consumers should keep in mind that most of the auto fires reported nationwide yearly involve gas-powered vehicles, not electric cars.

While Tesla has had some of its vehicles associated with isolated fiery incidents, authorities often focus on Tesla incidents alone. Many fires linked to gas-powered vehicles are ignored, and consumers continue to purchase common cars despite the risks.

Stay on top of recall news in order to learn more about how you should proceed in case a vehicle you own is recalled over a possible crash risk. Waiting to have a vehicle repaired can expose you and your loved ones to risk. Do not let that happen to you. While the incident involving the Tesla Model S did not result in injuries, others do. Ignoring recalls that are launched to fix problems that could lead to injuries should not be an option.

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