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While on the Road This Summer, Put Safety First

Summertime is a great time to see family and friends and spend some quality time with our loved ones. But for that to happen, we must first hit the road.

That’s why many law enforcement agencies are working extra hard to remind drivers that, during summer, they should stay focused on the road while following some important safety steps.
Before traveling, drivers should keep in mind that during the summer, a greater number of drivers, motorcyclists, and even cyclists hit the road. When planning your road trip, pick a route based on traffic and weather, and remember to leave early. As more people hit the road, traffic may get more difficult to navigate.

If you have kids or pets traveling along, remember to never leave them unattended while in the car. The in-car temperature tends to go high quickly. Ignoring this fact may expose your child or pet to serious and potentially deadly consequences.

When planning on hitting the road, also make sure you vehicle is ready to handle the hot asphalt. Check your tires and radiator system, which are some of the car components that are hit the hardest in the summertime. Also, keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. Make sure the kit has a flashlight, extra batteries, a jumper cable, charger, cellular phone, bottled water, a good spare tire, and a jack. Just having this kit at hand may help save your life.

While in the car, make sure everyone is buckled up, especially children. And if needed, double check to see if their car safety seats are being used correctly. Many accident injuries are preventable, and parents should keep in mind that, all too often, their children are injured because their seats are not correctly installed.

While driving, avoid distractions and pull over safely to rest if you’re drowsy. Distracted and drowsy driving are some of the most common factors in accidents. During the summertime, the heat and the many activities we are involved with end up making us tired. If you’re not rested before sitting behind the wheel, you may end up putting your life and the lives of others in danger.

Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, follow this link to read more details on how to stay safe while behind the wheel.

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