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What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Recalled

At our blog, we often report on open recalls involving popular vehicle models across the country. But while we always tell our readers to act fast to avoid accidents and injuries, we don’t often explain what consumers should do if their car is recalled.

This guide will help you better understand what is an auto recall and how you or a loved one should act if your vehicle is experiencing an equipment issue.

What Is A Recall?

An automaker launches a recall campaign when either the manufacturer or regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discover a safety-related defect or other issue that does not comply with federal regulations. The campaign involves alerting car owners about the problem. Then dealers prepare to perform the service for free.

If a recall impacts your car, the company should contact you via mail.

In the recall letter, you will learn about the details surrounding the defect, what kind of risk you could experience due to the issue, and more information on what signs you should watch for.

The manufacturer should also announce how it intends to solve the problem.

What Should I Do If I Get A Recall Letter?

The letters will have details on how you should proceed next. In most cases, the company will instruct the driver to call a dealer to schedule an appointment.

What If The Vehicle Company Doesn’t Contact Me?

If you learn of a recall from the news, you can go to the NHTSA website at and look up your car VIN to learn more about the campaign.

While manufacturers will try to reach you, their address database may not be up-to-date. Still, the law requires automakers to fix the issue for free.

Are All Car Recalls Dangerous?

No, not all auto recalls entail serious danger. However, it all depends on the defect.

If your vehicle is at risk of experiencing an accident or if the defect impacts a safety feature such as the air bags or seatbelts, chances are that the recall could be serious. Still, if your car is under a recall for whatever reason it is, you should not take the risk.

Reach out to a dealer and schedule a visit.

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