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What These Two Serious Seattle Crashes Have in Common

Every now and then, preventable crashes claim lives. But other times, accidents result in major injuries and end up causing a great deal of concern to officers who respond to the scene.

The last two Seattle crashes reported recently are very different. But drivers across the Evergreen state are able to draw something from both of them.

The first accident we would like to report on so some of you clients and readers are aware of the risks happened when a classic car crashed into a tree. The incident took place near Northgate Mall in Seattle. Official reports coming from the local police show that the crash occurred before 11 in the morning near 3rd Avenue. At least one person died as a result of the impact.

While detailed information on this crash haven’t been released, drivers should be made aware of these types of accidents.

Vehicles should always be well-maintained at all times, and drivers should avoid ignoring issues until they become too large to handle.

The second crash to have happened recently also involved a collision against a tee-like obstacle.

According to local authorities, a vehicle crashed into a pole at about 4:45 in the morning at South Cloverdale Street. Due to the collision, the road, which is often busy, was blocked for hours.

The driver involved in the crash was extricated from the car due to the severity of the collision. He was not wearing a seatbelt prior to the collision.

After the collision, which caused the vehicle to nearly wrap itself around the pole, the driver was rushed to the hospital to have his serious injuries treated.

While important information on either of these cases has yet to be released, it’s noteworthy that both involved very similar circumstances.

Drivers who are serious about their safety should make sure their vehicles are well-maintained and that certain factors are not part of their daily driving habits.

Drunk, distracted, or drowsy driving are all factors that could lead to major and even deadly collisions. Focusing on the road ahead and making sure that you’re never too tired to operate your vehicle will help you to avoid collisions.

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