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What Role Does Pain And Suffering Play In A Personal Injury Case?

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Victims of auto, motorcycle, and other types of accidents in Washington State often suffer a series of consequences such as personal injury and property damage. But in many cases, victims also experience pain and suffering, which is a type of damage classified as a noneconomic damage by Washington State law. That means that victims who claim pain and suffering caused by a negligent third party might be experiencing emotional distress, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment in life, disfigurement, and/or disability. 

Because noneconomic damages are subjective, there aren’t any formulas that can be applied to all pain and suffering cases. Instead, they vary on a case-by-case basis and aren’t always considered. If a personal injury accident victim believes he or she should receive a pain and suffering award, discussing their case and its specific details with a reputable personal injury attorney is an essential first step. 

Pain And Suffering Personal Injury Cases: Is There A Statute Of Limitation In Washington State?

The state of Washington has a series of different rules when it comes to statute of limitations. 

When looking at cases that resulted in pain and suffering such as personal injury, medical malpractice, and property damage, cases can vary greatly and might fall under different categories. In order to be sure whether you have a case, reaching out to an attorney and having your questions answered will help you better assess your situation. 

Who’s To Blame In A Pain And Suffering Personal Injury Case?

In Washington, fault can be divided amongst different parties. In the end, courts will decide how parties should split the blame based on the nature of each case as well as the specific details that make each case completely unique. 

If you were injured in an accident and would like to know more whether the distress, mental anguish, or any other type of noneconomic damage may play a role, discuss the situation with a reputable attorney for further information. 

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