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WATCH: Woman Caught Distracted With Toddler Loose In Passenger Seat

Distracted driving is a serious issue and it continues to put people’s lives in great danger. Unfortunately, many distracted drivers continue to risk their lives over their phones or because they are too busy talking to passengers. What’s worse, many drivers are distracted while traveling with their children in their cars, putting both their lives and the lives of their little ones in jeopardy.

A video that has emerged recently shows a woman doing just that.

She was behind the wheel of her car and talking on her phone while her toddler is sitting and playing in the passenger seat. The scene is as bad as it sonds as the toddler isn’t even wearing a seatbelt.

According to the woman who recorded the video says she was going to Wal-Mart with her partner when she saw the reckless mom and driver. She tried to get the driver’s attention but she wasn’t successful. The local police was also contacted about this incident.

Officials say that they are investigating this occurrence and that they have the name of the driver caught on camera. So far, however, nobody has been charged as a result of this incident, and the police could not comment on whether charges will be pressed.

Regardless, this video has gone viral, and as personal injury attorneys, we sure hope that drivers are sharing it widely precisely because of how reckless and dangerous the mother was.

Children must be seated in car seats or booster seats. Each state’s laws regarding these rules are different, but regardless, parents must always observe their state’s laws so that their children are correctly and safely seated. Drivers must also observe the distracted driving laws in their states. Phone use while behind the wheel is prohibited in most states precisely because distractions make it less likely for drivers to respond quickly in the event of an accident.

We hope that this video will enlighten our readers and clients so they are aware of the risks associated with distracted driving. We also hope that parents will learn a valuable lesson from this incident, as they should never allow their children to occupy a vehicle without making proper use of a car safety seat or booster seat.

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