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Washingtonians Sickened Due to Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak

In Washington and Oregon states, several Chipotle consumers are falling ill. According to a report released by health officials last Saturday, October 31st, at least 22 people have been sickened after being exposed to E. coli after visiting Chipotle stores in the metro Portland area as well as several counties in Washington.

One third of all consumers who fell ill were sent to the hospital but none of the consumers died as a result.

While most individuals who fall ill after being exposed to E. coli experience vomiting, diarrhea (which is bloody at times), stomach cramps, and fever, they often recuperate after a few days. Unfortunately, many consumers with weakened immune systems aren’t that luck. They may end up experiencing life-threatening symptoms as a result of the exposure.

Health officials say that at least 43 restaurants in both Washington and Oregon were closed after the cases were traced back to the locations. Chipotle closed the stores voluntarily.

Individuals who fell ill visited the Chipotle locations between October 14 and 23. Since many consumers who fall ill are not quick to identify the association between the illness and the restaurant. That’s why officials believe other cases should pop up in the upcoming days.

If you visited the restaurants in the period between October 14 and 23 and you are experiencing the symptoms, visit a medical center and mention the potential link.

Many believe this outbreak should sound the alarm on food poisoning incidents associated with the company. This is the third time Chipotle deals with foodborne illness scandals this year. Previously, Chipotle was linked to Norovirus food poisoning incidents in California and Salmonella-related food poisoning incidents in Minnesota.

At Bernard Law Group, our attorneys are concerned about the safety of Washingtonian consumers.

If you fell ill after being exposed to the E. coli organism at a Chipotle store, make sure to seek medical attention immediately. Have your doctor verify whether what you’re suffering from is associated with E. coli. Health officials are currently investigating the root of the outbreaks. So far, only consumers in Clark, King, Skagit and Cowlitz counties in Washington have fallen ill. As more people learn that their symptoms are associated with E. coli, the number of consumers exposed to the organism—and counties impacted—could increase dramatically.

As medical bills pile up and consumers are forced to miss days at work to recover, many will not be able to deal with the financial consequences of this outbreak on their own. Consumers who are the victims of negligence should not be left to fight for their rights alone.

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