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Washington Traffic Officials Warn Drivers To Be Careful This Winter

Washington State Patrol and Washington State Department of Transportation officials have a warning. Washingtonians mustn’t forget that driving in the winter season isn’t easy.

The fact that so many people ignore the risks associated with driving in winter is enough reason to concern officials. After all, WSDOT crews know how risky roads can be this time of the year. Their crews spend a long time patrolling the roadways day and night. And when weather conditions worsen, they must treat busier highways and state routes with priority. After all, a greater number of drivers will be using them. Unfortunately, this makes secondary roads less of a priority, and WSDOT crews may take longer to apply de-icer on them.

While they are working, however, drivers must understand that WSDOT crews should be allowed to go about their work without facing grave danger. According to officials, many drivers will pass crews dangerously, traveling too fast for the road condition. Unfortunately, many of these cases result in accidents.

WSDOT officials are using this period just before holiday travels intensify to ask drivers to be mindful of their crews at all times. In addition, they are asking drivers to take a look at their vehicles’ inventory to make sure they are ready for the winter roads.

Check your tires for pressure and tread depth, make sure all vehicle fluids are OK, and check your brakes. Have chains in your trunk in case they are needed and add an emergency kit to your car, along with blankets, non-perishable foods, and water bottles. Officials also urge drivers to care spare clothing.

Winter Driving Safety: Plan Ahead, Stay Safe

In order to avoid serious accidents, especially while trying to go around WSDOT crews, drivers must act accordingly and follow their recommendations. But most importantly, be patient.

Speeding up will do nothing but make accidents more likely. With winter making roads more slippery, drivers are more likely to lose control when they speed. So remember, before hitting the road have a plan, make sure your car is ready, and give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination.

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