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Washington Traffic Authorities, Lyft Team Up To Fight DUI This Holiday

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission as well as cannabis activists and Lyft are teaming up to keep Washington state safe during the holidays.

The alliance wants to bring an end to the fatal traffic accidents tied to impaired driving. And the goal is to do so by keeping drivers from using alcohol or cannabis and then driving. During the holidays, Lyft decided to give $20 ride certificates to all prominent cannabis retailers in Seattle and Spokane. After all, taking a ride or having a designated driver ready to drive you home could save your life.

In order to reach the greatest number of drivers everywhere and remind them about the risks they face if they are not careful, the group will be going on radio shows to share the Plan Before you Party message.

According to the cannabis advocate, driving drunk or high is dangerous. And because intoxicated driving makes you more likely to crash, you must plan ahead of time. Drivers can pick Lyft, Uber, or have the number of a trusted taxi cab driver on dial. They can also make sure a friend or loved one who’s not going to drink is their designated driver.

In order to help keep Washingtonians safe, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission is funding the effort with the help of Lyft and the Governor’s Highway Safety Association. At least $10,000 worth of Lyft rides will be distributed. Drivers in the Seattle and Spokane regions are particularly lucky.

Washington Agencies Hit The Road To Crack Down On DUI Drivers

According to reports from 2012, the alcohol and cannabis combination is the most commonly associated with accidents. And what’s worse, this combination is increasingly behind fatal crashes. That’s why authorities are doing all in their power to avoid crashes.

Washington enforcement agencies sending their best around the state this holiday season. They will be focusing on DUI drivers in order to help avoid accidents.

With so many people driving during the holidays and the possibility of DUIs happening more often, drivers must beware of the risks.

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