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Washington State Patrol: Truck Accident Caused By Bee Sting

Officials with the Washington State Patrol responded to a truck accident reportedly caused by a driver who had been stung by a bee. According to local news outlets, the SR-14 accident happened on Wednesday. It involved a semi-truck that was hauling cheese when it veered off the western shoulder of the road near the town of Bingen, scraping against the guardrail. The vehicle eventually rolled down an embankment. 

The driver told officials a bee sting was to blame for the accident. 

Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved in the crash and the driver was not injured. 

Following the accident, however, cheese did tumble down the embankment into Rowland Lake. Officials managed to keep a small diesel leak under control, keeping it from posing a risk to the environment or locals.

A Cheesy Mess: Truck Accident Lights The Internet Up

On social media, the crash gained a good deal of attention thanks to all the cheese puns used in the reports.

But despite the humored responses, it’s important to keep in mind that distractions such as a bee sting can lead to serious consequences. 

If anything, this accident should serve as a reminder that we must be focused on the road. To make sure that is always the case, you must take some precautions to avoid similar crashes. 

Loose Insects Inside A Vehicle Can Cause A Great Deal Of Trouble

According to an analysis by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a “moving object in the vehicle,” which is defined as either a pet or an insect, accounts for 1% of all traffic accidents, making it one of the top 10 driving distractions in the country. While that might not sound like a high number, consider that, each year, law enforcement registers more than 5 million auto accidents across the nation. One percent, therefore, totals 50,000 crashes — a considerable amount. 

In order to avoid accidents involving flying and other critters, never leave your car windows open at night. In addition, avoid storing food in your vehicle that might attract rodents and other animals. And while driving, keep your windows closed so no flying insects can accidentally enter the vehicle. 

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