Washington State Patrol: Motorhome Accident Claims Two Lives

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September 12, 2018
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motorhome 2838169 1280

We don’t often hear about motorhome accidents. Unfortunately, they, too, happen often. The latest motorhome accident reported in Washington claimed two lives, law enforcement said.

The accident happened when the motorhome and a single trailer crashed off the overpass near milepost 110 on Interstate 90. The vehicle then fell into a creek, causing two people to die, including a child. One adult and two children suffered injuries.

The Washington State Patrol reported that the motorhome and trailer were the only vehicle in this crash.

The road was partially blocked after the accident. Officials said that it would take hours to clean up the accident site.

Avoid Deadly Motorhome Accidents

Washington officials did not disclose any details regarding the factors that led to this particular accident. Still, drivers must beware that there are certain risky activities they should always avoid. One of them is distracted driving.

Like speeding and even intoxicated driving, distracted driving makes it hard for the driver to recognize potential risks and act accordingly. Speeding also makes drivers more likely to lose control over their vehicles.

As a personal injury law firm, we often see countless accidents caused by distractions and speeding. It is our job to help the victims, who often feel powerless before insurance companies. Because of our experience, we understand that the victims go through countless hardships before they are able to recover. And in many cases, victims lose their livelihoods, and cannot afford to take care of themselves because of the severity of their injuries.

Be a considerate and safe driver by remembering that when you’re negligent, you’re putting other people’s lives in danger, not just your own.

If you’re a parent, lead by example by always focusing and following traffic rules. That’s the only way to maximize your safety and the safety of others.

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