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Washington Police To Focus On Distracted Drivers In April

Law enforcement in Washington state will be renewing its focus on distracted drivers in April. And before you ask: No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.

Starting next week, an increased number of Washington officers will be hitting the roads and looking for drivers who are distracted or not focused on the road or the actual driving. By enforcing the state’s current distracted driving laws, officials will be making sure that drivers who are unable to let go of their cell phones while behind the wheel are pulled over.

Reports show that officials will be targeting distracted drivers between April 2 and 14. This move, officials added, is meant as a way to raise awareness across the Evergreen state so that all drivers are aware of the state’s new Driving Under the Influence of Electronics, or E-DUI Act.

Drivers must remember that the distracted driving law prohibits them from using electronics while behind the wheel such as tablets, phones, laptops, gaming devices, and others. Handheld cell phones are not allowed at all times, even if you’re stopped in traffic or at a stoplight.

As personal injury attorneys, we have learned of countless distracted driving accidents that could have been prevented. As such, we want to remind our readers and clients that safety should always come first. Ignoring this fact will either lead to an accident or land you in trouble with the law.

Avoid distracted driving at all costs by always focusing on the road ahead and making sure you do not reach out to your phone. If you feel you need to answer a call or a text message, pull over safely to a place where you can park the car first.

For more on what Washington officials hope to accomplish this coming week, follow this link for the full article.

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