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Washington Officials Log Another Deadly Distracted Driving Accident

Cell phone distraction continues to be the most common type of distraction among drivers in the Evergreen state. The latest deadly distracted driving accident demonstrates why it is so important for Washington drivers to remain focused while behind the wheel. 

According to local news outlets, a 78-year-old man died after an accident involving a distracted driver. 

Officials told reporters that the man was changing a flat tire on the side of Interstate 5 in Tacoma on Monday when a driver who was distracted by her cell phone hit the man. Washington State Patrol troopers who responded to the scene said the driver admitted to the distraction. 

Following the deadly crash, the driver was arrested for vehicular homicide. 

Washington Drivers: Distracted Driving Is Never A Good Idea 

Data from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) shows that in 2016, one year before the state passed its distracted driving law, 155 people died in accidents caused by distraction. In 2019, two years after the law was implemented, 122 distracted driving-related deaths were reported. 

While the number is down, Washington officials still see many distracted driving accidents taking place. 

In order to help prevent distracted driving collisions, officials are urging drivers to avoid using their phones while behind the wheel. Considering that two of every three distracted drivers in Washington are using their phones, it is important that drivers make it a habit to put their phones down as soon as they sit behind the wheel. 

WSP Officials Urge Drivers To Call For Help If They Get Stranded

Following the deadly Tacoma car accident, officials urged drivers to call the WSP if they need to change a tire on the side of the road and they feel they are at risk of being exposed to an accident. 

Oftentimes, officials said, they are able to assist by sending a response team from the Washington State Department of Transportation to help with traffic control.  

To learn more about this deadly crash, follow this link.

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