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Washington Officials: Deadly Motorcycle Accidents Are On The Rise

Fatal motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Washington state, data from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) shows. To officials, the trend is concerning. Especially because many of these deadly accidents are preventable. 

According to the data, there have been 755 motorcycle accidents in Washington state this year so far, with 250 wrecks involving serious injuries and 34 resulting in fatalities.

In 2019, officials registered 92 deadly motorcycle crashes and in 2020, the number dropped to 90. Considering 2021 isn’t over yet, Washington traffic authorities worry that the numbers will continue to rise.

In order to bring this deadly trend to a halt, the WSDOT used May, the National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, to urge both drivers and riders to do all in their power to avoid accidents. 

In a press release, the agency stated that all of us can do our part to prevent deaths. 

“Drivers can watch out for motorcyclists. Riders can improve their skills through training. All of us can respect speed limits and ride and drive sober.”

‘Share The Road’ Isn’t Just A Slogan: Avoid Deadly Motorcycle Accidents

All too often, motorcycle crashes occur because drivers are distracted, fail to check their blind spot, or fail to signal their intentions ahead of lane changes. While it is important to keep reminding drivers that they must share the road, it is also equally important to remind motorcycle riders that there are several things they can do to avoid accidents and serious injuries.

First and foremost, wear a full-face, WSDOT-approved helmet whenever you ride. Unfortunately, many of the deadly injuries suffered by riders involved in collisions happen to be head trauma. Having a helmet on at the time of a crash can save your life.

Additionally, make sure you’re always wearing bright colors and reflective elements to both your clothing and bike. This could make you more visible to drivers, even those who aren’t used to keeping an eye out for riders. 

For more on what officials are saying about the growing number of motorcycle accidents, follow this link

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