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Washington Drivers: Troopers Are On The Lookout For Lead-Footers

It’s peak summer driving season, and Washington state is tied for eighth in the country for its strict speeding law enforcement. That means drivers across the state should beware they could face a ticket between $105 and $423 if they do not respect the speed limit.

In 2017, Washington officials ticketed 229,162 motorists for speeding but pulled over 367,863 drivers for ignoring speed limits.

Data shows that law enforcement agents are less likely to issue speeding tickets to drivers passing through District 3, which includes several southeastern counties such as Walla Walla and the Tri-Cities. With only 56.8 percent of tickets in the region being speed-related, local drivers are often aware when Washington State Patrol troopers are on the lookout for speed lovers.

District 7 is where most traffic tickets are speed related (65.9 percent). The region includes Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom. Likely because of the traffic on Interstate 5, which links Tacoma and Seattle.

Despite this information, motorists all across the state should keep in mind that speeding is not just against the law, but also dangerous. It’s when drivers lose control over their vehicles and accidents are more likely to happen. And that’s why motorists should never speed.

Reckless Driving And Speeding Make Accidents More Likely

Speeding is closely related to reckless driving. And unfortunately, both activities put motorists and their passengers in great danger.

When motorists spot reckless drivers they should use caution and contact law enforcement to report them. Reckless drivers can be dangerous, and much like intoxicated motorists, they can expose others to major crash risks. Alerting troopers about reckless drivers when you spot them is essential in helping to keep the road safe.

It’s the duty of every single responsible driver to always put safety first. Speeding is irresponsible, and motorists should never take part in it.

For more details on how the Washington State Patrol are going after speeding motorists, follow this link.

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