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Washington Drivers: Don’t Let The Eclipse Distract You

Ready for the eclipse? According to the authorities, Seattle is about 230 miles away from the upcoming solar eclipse’s path. That means that Seattle residents and others across the state will be able to see a partial eclipse. That means that drivers may end up being distracted by the natural event, increasing the risk of an accident.

As the eclipse begins at 9:09 a.m. in Seattle, many drivers will be on their way to work while it’s taking place. Between 10:21 and 11:39 a.m. is when locals will be able to see it reaching the maximum coverage. According to the AAA, it’s important that people who want to see the eclipse should plan ahead how they will be getting to their destination. The group is also urging individuals to do so long before the eclipse takes place, as driving and watching the eclipse can be dangerous.

But to anyone else who will be on the road, remember that you should not take yours off the road ahead and what’s going on around you. Otherwise, distraction will pose major risks to you and anyone else who’s in your path.

If you want to watch the eclipse, find a spot to do so and do not drive while the eclipse is taking place. Especially if you’re trying to witness the entire event.

Distracted driving accidents have been taking place all too often all across the state. As the state enacts a new distracted driving law, drivers should keep in mind that certain distractions such as a natural event such as an eclipse could also represent a major risk.

Injured In A Distracted Driving Accident?

If you’re not interested in witnessing the eclipse but someone sharing the road with you is and you’re involved in an accident caused by that driver’s distraction, you should not suffer alone.

Distracted driving crashes can result in injuries that, unfortunately, may lead to piles of medical bills. You shouldn’t have to be responsible for them if a third party was negligent in the case.

You may contact our offices for a free evaluation of your car accident case. There’s no attorney fee unless our experienced lawyers obtain you the compensation you deserve.

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