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Is Washington Becoming A Dangerous State For Motorcycle Riders?

Washington is becoming a dangerous place for motorcyclists. According to the Washington State Patrol, three riders were killed in crashes in one week, while several others were injured.

The deadly accidents were not related, WSP officials say. And they didn’t happen in one specific area. But while most of the crashes that resulted in injuries or death were mostly caused by drivers, WSP troopers urge riders to slow down.

During a safety bulletin for motorcycle riders, troopers encouraged defensive riding.

“The Washington State Patrol encourages riders to abide by posted speed limits and to ride defensively, keeping aware of possible road hazard,” a trooper said.

In Washington state, excessive speed is the main factor behind 30 percent of motorcycle crashes. It’s also the cause of 5 percent of deadly accidents.

Speed, Wildlife, And Dangerous Lane-Changing Behind Motorcycle Accidents

A deer was responsible for the motorcycle accident that happened on June 17. The rider was injured.

WSP reports that a deer jumped in front of the rider, causing him to lose control. On the same day in Maple Valley, a vehicle pulled out in front of the rider, causing a crash. One rider died while another was injured.

A few days later in Burien, a motorcycle and a car crashed, and the rider sustained critical injuries. And then in Renton, a car merged into a rider. He sustained serious injuries.

A rider crashed and died when he came upon stopped traffic. Officials say he was riding too fast and couldn’t slow down in time. And another also died after her motorcycle crossed over the centerline.

These are some of the many motorcycle accidents reported last week. As you can see, speeding, drivers operating their cars irresponsibly, and wildlife are all to blame. Washington riders must remember this. But most importantly, they must act accordingly.

Drivers must also do their part.

Before merging or changing lanes, make sure you can do so safely. Riders are vulnerable. They are more likely to be seriously injured in a collision.

For more on what the WSP is saying about motorcycle accident avoidance, click here.

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