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WSP Wants To Avoid Accidents By Cracking Down On ‘Annoying’ Drivers

You may not know this, but certain activities drivers may partake while behind the wheel may be considered “annoying” by other drivers. What’s worse is that some of these activities may actually provoke accidents as drivers who are not up to speed may cause others following behind to abruptly attempt to change lanes.

In order to make sure that drivers who aren’t focused on following rules and acting accordingly aren’t putting the lives of Washington drivers in danger due to accident risks, the Washington State Patrol is cracking down on motorists who are way below the speed limit while driving in the far left lane.

The left lane is meant to be used by passing cars or vehicles going at faster rates of speed than vehicles traveling in other lanes. When slow or unprepared drivers remain in the left lane for long periods of time, many drivers become angered. As a result, those who are following behind may act erratically, causing accidents. Under other circumstances, drivers who are attempting to pass slow traffic in the right may also be involved in accidents while trying to use the left lane if a slow driver remains in his or her position for long.

Drivers who are breaking the law by being left lane “campers” will be faced with fines. With WSP officials looking into this and targeting drivers who are not following the law, you could soon end up $136 poorer.

Last year, WSP officers pulled over more than 16,400 drivers for being left lane campers. While they aren’t sure how many drivers they are expecting to catch this time around, it’s safe to say that thousands could also be caught taking part in this behavior.

As personal injury attorneys, we would like to remind you that avoiding accidents means taking responsibility for your driving. It also means making sure that you’re following rules. By remaining in the left lane even if you’re going at slow rates of speed, you put the lives of countless drivers in grave danger. So do not let that happen. Stay focused and safe and only use the far left lane to pass or if you’re going at faster rates of speed than the rest of the traffic. Especially now as officials will be on the lookout for offenders.

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