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Walla Walla Officials Target Distracted Drivers, Urge All To Buckle Up

Walla Walla county officials are alerting residents that law enforcement is behind an effort to raise awareness to the risks associated with distracted driving. They are also urging motorists to buckle up.

This emphasis campaign comes as summer ends and school is back in session.

With children and teenagers going back to class, distracted driving becomes an even more dangerous activity. Additionally, parents and drivers in general should remember that buckling up can save lives.

In a news release, law enforcement said that while the majority of locals buckle up, it’s always important to remind drivers that it is the law. Furthermore, ignoring the importance of these rules could lead to serious injuries and even deaths.

Statewide, 93% of drivers buckle up. However, 83% of Walla Walla drivers secure themselves and their passengers.

According to traffic safety advocates, are not happy about these numbers. After all, this means that a considerable number of drivers are breaking the law. They are also putting themselves in danger.

Car Safety And Distracted Driving: Walla Walla Residents Stay Safe

Law enforcement and advocates are also asking drivers to remember that children are vulnerable. If they fail to install car seats correctly, children could be in danger. Furthermore, babies and infants must remain in rear-facing seats until they reach the legal height and weight requirements to move to a forward-facing seat.

In order to help parents and prevent injury accidents, advocacy groups are sponsoring two check up events. Parents can confirm with officials and licensed technicians if their children are safe.

If you’re in Walla Walla, remember that there will be two car seat clinics in September. You may find more detailed information by following this link.

During the entire month of September, law enforcement will also be reminding drivers to focus.

Patrols will be targeting distracted drivers to help keep everyone safe. They will even have overtime patrols targeting distracted drivers across the region. We hope that more of these emphasis patrols will be helping more Washingtonians.


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