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WA Officials Launch Campaign To Prevent Deadly Summer Accidents

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) announced that it is partnering with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) for the “Surviving Summer” traffic safety campaign.

The campaign hopes to keep drivers safe during the most dangerous time of the year, namely the period between June 9 and September 7. Officials hope to raise awareness to the high risk of injury and fatality accidents during summer time among Washington drivers.

Ninety Days Of Increased Traffic Accident Risks In Washington

WSP officials said that the 90-day period covered by the statewide “Surviving Summer” campaign has, for the past five years, accounted for 30% of all deadly traffic Washington accidents. Over the same period, officials added, more than 967 people died during summer while traveling on Washington roads.

As more Washingtonians hit the road during summertime, drivers must keep in mind that speeding, drunk driving, reckless and distracted driving are more common occurrences. To prevent accidents and stay safe, officials urge drivers to act accordingly, drive defensively, and avoid risks by reporting potentially reckless drivers to the authorities.

WSP Officials: Change Your Attitude To Avoid Accidents

During the “Surviving Summer” campaign, officials are urging drivers to make better decisions. When following traffic rules, said Mark McKechnie, the external relations director for the WTSC, drivers help keep roads safer.

“We can all make choices that make our roads safer,” he explained. “We buckle up and put the phones down. We drive sober and encourage others to do the same. We can also ease off the gas a little, and we’ll get to our destinations safely.”

WSP Chief John R. Batiste echoed the sentiments of McKechnie, saying that because fatalities are at an all-time high, “we need the help of everyone.”

“Be courteous, drive sober, slow down, so we can all enjoy the summer spending time with our loved ones.”

As personal injury attorneys serving the great state of Washington for so many years, we have seen a great deal of preventable accidents take place. We support the current law enforcement effort focusing on making the roads safer this summer and urge our readers to do their part in driving safely.

Avoid crashes by never drinking and driving, putting your phone away, and paying close attention to speed limits. If you’re traveling long distances this summer, remember to avoid drowsy driving by getting enough rest prior to driving and finding a safe rest stop if you need to nap between trips.

For more information on this campaign, follow this link.

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