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WA Drivers Often Ignore These Basic Traffic Rules

In Washington state, drivers often ignore important, life-saving traffic rules. While these rules are often basic and pretty similar to rules in other states, many still miss it entirely or simply ignore it.

In order to help drivers get acquainted with some basic traffic rules in their state, reporters decided to develop an easy guide, which will help these drivers understand and better follow these rules.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, a Washington State Patrol trooper tweeted some information on some basic traffic rules in Washington. Using his ideas as a guide, reporters made a list of rules often broken by locals that should be common knowledge by now.

Drivers in Washington are required to stay to their right unless they are passing other vehicles. If you’re a driver who’s constantly in the left lane, you’re doing it wrong. This simple rule is a reason why so many drivers are pulled over in Washington.

Another rule often broken by local drivers is that, by law, drivers are required to signal for at least 100 feet before switching lanes or merging. According to troopers, 100 feet accounts to about a second and a half of signaling.

Lane sweeping, for instance, is wrong. Traveling onto the road then going immediately into the far lane is dangerous and inappropriate, but it’s also illegal in Washington. What drivers must do first is to establish themselves in the nearest lanes first then moving along.

When making a left turn onto a road with two or three lanes, drivers are required to establish themselves first in the closest lane prior to signaling and then moving into the next lanes to the right.

Another rule often broken is associated with drivers who make it difficult for others to merge. Instead of accelerating to keep a merging vehicle from moving onto the road, drivers must give merging cars space.

Since violating these rules will lead to serious and even potentially deadly accidents, drivers are being urged to avoid breaking them at all costs.

For more tips on how to avoid breaking basic traffic rules in Washington state, follow this link.

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