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Volvo, Porsche Recall Vehicles Over Injury Concerns

Two automakers have recently launched recalls that impact drivers in a serious, potentially risky way. In both cases, occupants could be exposed to injury in the event of crashes. And that’s why it’s important that drivers who are serious about their safety are paying attention to similar campaigns so they are not exposed to serious danger.

The first recall campaign that drivers should not ignore comes from Volvo.

According to the official report, Volvo’s S60, S60CC, V60, V60 Cross Country, and XC60 vehicles of certain year makes come with both driver and front seat passenger side mounted airbags that may have not been fitted with proper inflator initiators. If that’s the case and a crash takes place, the initiators will fail to ignite and the occupants will be exposed to potential injuries.

Impacted vehicles are all from the 2017 year make.

Volvo has announced that impacted vehicle owners will be contacted after late March and that dealers will have all front seat side air bags replaced for free.

The second recall campaign we want our readers and clients to learn about comes from the luxury brand Porsche.

Vehicles impacted by this recall may also expose drivers to injury risks simply because of the passenger occupant detection sensor in these vehicles. Since they may fail in the front passenger seat. If that occurs and a passenger is occupying the seat, the sensor may become deactivated, prompting the same to happen to the airbag. If that’s the case, the occupant may not be protected in the event of a collision.

This issue is serious and drivers who are impacted are yet to be approached personally by Porsche. Until then, stay alert and avoid injuries by contacting the company to learn more about how you should proceed to avoid future crashes. Stay alert and avoid incidents by responding to this or any other recall that may impact your vehicle promptly.

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