Volkswagen Recalls Vehicles Over Safety Concern

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The latest announcement issued by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that Volkswagen has just recalled thousands of vehicles over an improper nickel plating of certain components.

This is not Volkswagen first recall in April. According to the federal agency, the previous recall impacted thousands of Audi vehicles.

For consumers who are not all aware of the risks associated with their vehicles being recalled, it’s important for them to learn more about the potential safety hazards of ignoring recall campaigns. Too often, vehicles are recalled over issues that could lead to personal injury accidents. In these cases, drivers who choose to ignore or are not made aware of the recall campaigns may experience accidents.

Staying on top of recall news is a great way to make sure you’re not ignoring important car safety steps.

Volkswagen Cars Impacted By Recall Could Suddenly Stall

The federal agency announced that thousands of Volkswagen vehicles come with components within the fuel pump that may have been improperly nickel plated. As a result, the fuel pump system in the vehicle may fail. The vehicles impacted by the recall include the 2015 Volkswagen Golf and GTI as well as the 2015 Audi A3 vehicles.

Since the fuel pump may fail unexpectedly, the vehicle may fail to start or stall unexpectedly, increasing the risk associated with the vehicle stopping abruptly while in use. Since that may increase the risk of an accident, the recall was deemed necessary.

Once all impacted car owners are contacted, dealers will make sure that the vehicles are inspected. The potentially defective fuel pumps will be replaced entirely for free. Until that happens, you may contact the company directly to ask more questions.

The company hasn’t announced when it will be contacting all impacted vehicle owners. Until then, consumers may check the official recall announcement published here.

If you’re still in doubt whether your car has been specifically targeted by this or any other recall, visit for more information on how you should proceed. Heeding the manufacturer’s instructions could help you to stay safe and avoid any potential risks that may cause you to experience any accidents.

The official announcements often do not make it to the car owner’s mailbox, in spite of the fact automakers are required to contact impacted car owners when a recall is issued. Unfortunately, car makers spend much more money advertising their new vehicles than advertising recalls, making driver engagement even more instrumental in boosting car safety.

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