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Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz Recall Cars Over Crash Risks

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched two recall campaigns that impact vehicles produced by major automakers. Consumers who are serious about their safety should avoid ignoring either of these recalls.

Too often vehicles are only recalled after people are injured. Thankfully, neither of these recalls have been launched because of accidents. Instead, issues were identified then addressed.

The first announcement that our consumers shouldn’t ignore include Mercedes-Benz vehicles that were manufactured between June and November of 2015. These vehicles, the reports show, have been fitted with steering columns that come with wiring harnesses for the switch module that may have been routed incorrectly. If that’s the case, the air bag may deploy unexpectedly or the vehicle’s engine may stall.

If either of these incidents takes place, there’s a great risk of a crash or injury.

Consumers with the recalled vehicles will be contacted directly by Mercedes-Benz this month. However, consumers who have recalled vehicles and who are not contacted are urged to reach out to the manufacturer immediately in order to have their vehicle inspected and repaired.

Volkswagen Consumers: Do Not Ignore the Risks Linked to the Passat Recall

The second recall campaign we would like to cover was launched by the embattled German automaker Volkswagen.

According to several sources, VW has recalled about 91,000 Passat vehicles nationwide. The sedans, reports show, may have not received enough cable insulation, meaning that wiring may suffer short circuits.

If there’s a short circuit, there might be a fire.

To avoid injuries tied to auto fires, make sure to contact the manufacturer directly in order to learn more about how you should proceed to have your vehicle repaired entirely for free. You may follow this link to learn more details about this recall or contact Volkswagen directly to have your questions answered.

This is not the first time Volkswagen launches a recall this year. But ever since the company was forced to develop a fix for the over 600,000 diesel-powered vehicles tied to a massive emissions cheating scandal, consumers have been hit with a string of recalls.

Consumers who are serious about their own safety should make sure to always respond to recall campaigns whenever their vehicle is impacted. Do not wait until you’re injured in an accident to act.

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