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Veteran Driver Shares Tips on How to Avoid Crashes

Veteran drivers have great stories about the road, so when they give you advice on how to avoid crashes, you should probably listen.

Recently, a veteran truck driver talked to the media about how he has managed to avoid crashes during his 38-year career.

Over the nearly four decades of work, the driver has logged over 5 million crash-free miles while traveling through 48 states. So what has kept him out of trouble for so long? Focus, he says.
During an interview, the driver explained that he has a rule while driving: follow the three Cs, which are caution, courtesy, and common sense.

Instead of putting himself in a bad situation, the driver claims he’s always focused. Keeping distraction at bay helps him to have full control over any situation since he is aware of his surroundings at all times.

When asked what his advice for drivers out there looking into being safer motorists, the veteran urged them to never let distraction win. He also recommended prudence. “Reduce your speed and increase your following distance,” he said. That gives you time and space to react. Especially if you’re alert and aware of your surroundings.

To parents whose children are now learning how to drive, teaching them these important tips will also help them to learn more about how they should proceed to avoid acting in ways that could jeopardize their safety. Instead of ignoring calls to avoid distraction, teens should be told why distraction leads to deadly crashes.

Explain to your teen children that when a driver has his or her attention split between the act of driving and replying to text message, for instance, they are less likely to pay attention to pedestrians, cyclists, and others, and more likely to let their vehicles get in harm’s way. Unfortunately, many victims of distracted driving accidents aren’t the distracted drivers themselves.
If you would like to learn more from this veteran truck driver, follow this link to read the entire interview.

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