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The Vancouver Plane ‘Accident’ And The Importance Of Proper Equipment Maintenance

Plane or aviation accidents might not be as common as car accidents. But oftentimes, we don’t hear about them when they happen. Unless, of course, they are major.

While not all plane accidents involve serious and even fatal injuries, some happen when we least expect. And unfortunately, they may even take place in roads, putting drivers in danger.

The latest aviation-related accident in Washington state happened in Vancouver. A plane made an emergency landing on Highway 14 on Saturday afternoon, scaring drivers who witnessed the incident.

Thankfully, nobody was injured as a result of the incident, and no other vehicles or planes were involved.

Officials with the Washington State Patrol reported that the pilot was forced to land where he did over an unknown power issue.

After the plane landed near Columbia Way Boulevard, the westbound right lane of the road on Highway 14 was closed for about an hour. The plane was eventually towed away.

We’re glad that this incident did not result in any major or fatal injuries. We’re also happy that other vehicles weren’t involved, and that the issue was addressed and handled by the pilot in a safe manner.

Many incidents involving planes happen because of equipment failure. As such, we have great sympathy for individuals who end up in a tight spot because the plane motor or another part of the structure.

Recently, we all learned that a pilot managed to safely land a Southwest plane after one of its engines blew off mid-air. These types of accidents are serious and terrifying. They remind us that no matter where we are or how we travel, equipment failure is a serious risk.

When it comes to vehicles, these risks are just as real. That’s why we often report on auto recalls, so that our readers and clients know that accidents can happen if cars are not properly fixed after being recalled.

If you’re curious to know more about the latest plane incident to happen in Washington, follow this link. For help with your plane or aviation-related accident in Washington, contact us directly for a full case evaluation.

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