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Unsecured Load Flies Into Man’s Windshield Near Kent

Securing your load was never as important as it is now. Still, drivers Across Washington state continue to ignore the risks.

The latest incident involving a driver not securing his load happened near Kent.

As a driver traveled southbound on State Route 167, a large plywood board fell off a vehicle and crashed into the man’s windshield Tuesday morning. The board stopped just inches from hitting the driver’s face.

The truck carrying the plywood piece was traveling at 60 miles per hour. Just before the incident, the vehicle reportedly “sailed” over two lanes, making the victim fear for his safety.

The windshield explosion really got him by surprise. And thankfully, the driver was wearing glasses, so the flying shards of glass did not hit his eyes. Still, he experienced several cuts to his skin as glass sprayed in all directions.

While the man in this case was lucky, this isn’t what happened in 2004 with Maria Federici.

The woman who inspired Maria’s Law, which criminalizes traveling with unsecured loads, lost her sight and sense of taste and smell after a piece of particle board flew off a trailer and into her face after breaking through her windshield.

She is still undergoing reconstructive surgeries as a result of the horrific accident.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times officials warn drivers about the dangers associated with unsecured loads, these accidents continue to happen.

Secure Your Load: It’s The Law

When you’re setting your truck or vehicle up and you’re organizing your load, remember that loose items can fly off your vehicle. Worse than losing your load, the item may hit another vehicle. And just like what happened in 2004, the victim may suffer major injuries.

The Washington State Patrol often launches campaigns to urge drivers to secure their loads. But despite their efforts, drivers remain careless.

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