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Under Pressure, Chipotle Finally Breaks Silence

The latest Chipotle scandal related to the E. coli outbreaks continues to be covered by the media. But as many blame the Mexican restaurant for simply ignoring important food safety steps, which resulted in at least three major food poisoning scandals this year alone, the company is finally beginning to work on having the problem fixed.

Or so it claims.

According to Chipotle’s own press release, the company has been doing a lot to make sure that other restaurants that are part of the chain aren’t linked to any future outbreaks.

Promptly after the reports of E. coli outbreaks in Washington and Oregon were linked to the restaurant chain and state health officials released the official announcement, the company immediately closed at least 43 restaurants in the Washington and Oregon area to avoid further outbreaks.

But that’s not all. According to the company’s own account, their executives decided to take additional steps to sterilize all restaurants in the region, perform deep cleanings and make sure that tests are being conducted to check the restaurants’ environment.

Chipotle has also said that the restaurants that were closed after the outbreaks are also undergoing a food test. Food distribution centers are also being subject to tests.

Chipotle also claims that it will begin batch testing some ingredients before resupplying them to its restaurants.

But even as the company hires two preeminent food safety consulting firms in order to have their restaurants checked for food safety standards, many believe Chipotle will have to do more to eradicate food poisoning incidents in its restaurants.

Until officials find the root of this particular E. coli outbreak, it’s hard to identify what food product caused consumers to fall ill.

According to a series of news reports, Oregon state officials have received over 100 calls from people claiming to have been sickened after eating at Chipotle restaurants in the region. Hopefully, consumers who are falling sick are seeking medical attention immediately to get tested.

If you or a loved one was exposed to E. coli while eating at a Chipotle restaurant in Washington, do not let the company get away with negligence. At Bernard Law Group, our attorneys are ready to put their years of experience to use to fight for your rights in court.

Allowing major corporations like the country’s number one Mexican grill chain to get away with this type of behavior will only give other companies incentives to avoid focusing on food safety.

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