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Unbuckled Driver Ejected From Car Following Drowsy Driving Accident

Falling asleep at the wheel is still a problem for drivers of all ages. Furthermore, this type of accident occurs more often than we might think. The latest drowsy driving crash in Washington State happened in Spokane Valley. 

According to officials with the Washington State Patrol (WSP), a driver going east on State Route 290 fell asleep while behind the wheel near N. Campbell Road. The vehicle eventually crossed over the opposite side of the highway, rolling into a ditch. As the car rolled, the driver who was not wearing a seatbelt was ejected. 

Officials cited the driver for negligent driving. 

Following the crash, the victim was later taken to a hospital for treatment. Officials did not release the gravity of the driver’s injuries. 

No other vehicles were involved.

How To Avoid Drowsy Driving Accidents

As we saw with this accident in Spokane Valley, drowsy driving continues to be a problem for drivers in Washington State. In order to avoid similar accidents and stay safe, drivers must keep in mind that certain steps must be taken if they want to remain alert while behind the wheel. 

If you don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and drive often, you might find yourself fatigued while operating a vehicle more often than not. The most important thing to do is to change your routine so that you’re getting plenty of sleep. But if you’re going on a trip that will require longer driving hours and you’re worried about falling asleep, plan in advance and make sure you take plenty of breaks. 

Have a passenger who can take over for you if you’re too tired and, if needed, find a rest stop to pull over if you have to take a nap. 

Whatever you do, remember that drowsy driving increases the risk of accidents for you and others sharing the road with you. Be responsible and stay safe. 

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