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Uber Suspends Autonomous Car Program After Crash

Many reports have indicated that while many of us were probably busy with work and other daily activities, Uber put an end to its Arizona testing of self-driving technologies after a crash. The halt, albeit temporary, is because the accident involving the tech company is still being investigated.

According to a series of news reports, Uber’s Volvo-made self-driving SUV was involved in a crash which eventually caused the vehicle to flip on its side.

An Uber spokesperson confirmed the crash saying that the company suspended the tests until the investigations are completed. The company’s Pittsburgh operations are also being halted temporarily.

But unlike what many would have expected, the accident apparently wasn’t caused by the Uber self-driving car. A human driver appears to have been in command of the vehicle.

A second vehicle failed to yield to the Uber car causing the autonomous vehicle to flip on its side. But it doesn’t appear clear how the crash came to be, or if the driver is the one to blame.

Regardless of how the crash occurred, Uber is doing the right thing by making sure that this crash is fully investigated before it continues with its research.

We hope Uber and others like Google are able to create self-driving technology that will stand the test of time and that will help drivers to avoid crashes by removing the human error from the equation. But we also hope these companies do so by making sure that their systems are fool proof and that they won’t be ignoring potential risks simply because they weren’t “uploaded” into the system.

As Google has promised before, the autonomous car technology is meant to help drivers by eliminating human error from the equation completely. Only thus will crashes be eliminated as well.

You may click here to read the full article. If you keep up with the news concerning self-driving technology, return to our blog where we often discuss the technology and how it could help to bring the number of crashes down.

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