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Uber Self-Driving Accident Results In Pedestrian Fatality

A horrific self-driving car accident resulted in a fatality. Now, Uber is suspending its autonomous car program.

We have learned about the tragic accident much like anybody else has. Through the news. But it’s with heavy heart that we report on it, as we understand that many supporters and enthusiasts of the self-driving car technology believe that the system could actually be used to save lives. Because of this accident, we must rethink the system and ask ourselves if this type of accident will happen more often.

According to reports, the accident happened when a self-driving car run by Uber Technologies Inc. struck a woman Monday in Tempe, Arizona, while she was crossing the road outside of a crosswalk. This is the first time a person dies in a self-driving car accident.

After the tragedy, Uber suspended its autonomous cars and pulled them off the roads in Tempe, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and San Francisco. The cars were still being tested when the accident happened.

After the horrific accident, Uber CEO and Volvo issued statements showing they were terribly saddened to have learned of the news.

But while this is the first time this type of accident occurred, this isn’t the first time that we have heard people criticizing self-driving technology and those rushing to try to implement it.

Years ago, when companies started toying with the idea, professors said that companies should not rush to implement the autonomous technology as deadly accidents could end up slowing down the development.

Regardless of what experts have said or believe that might happen in the future thanks to this accident, we want to know from you. Do you believe this horrific accident will slow down the development of the self-driving technology?

Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends. We hope that the investigation into this accident is able to help us better understand what happened so that the self-driving tech developers are able to fix it.

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