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Uber, Lyft are Great, But What Happens if You’re in a Crash?

Urban consumers are often tech-savvy, in tune with technologies that help them to be more efficient, even when it comes to conquering the traffic. To users of ridesharing apps, living in the city is great. After all, public transportation is not the only alternative to driving your car anymore. Nowadays, consumers use Lyft or Uber for everything. And the ridesharing industry is booming.

But what happens when consumers using these apps are involved in accidents?

Instead of just wondering about the potential consequences, riders should make it a habit of always checking their Lyft or Uber driver’s insurance papers, license and vehicle registration.

According to experts, it’s the rider’s job to make sure that the driver has a policy or insurance card in their vehicle. Making sure the vehicle registration is up to date is also important. Gathering this information and keeping it in your files could also come in handy in the event of a possible mishaps.

When you, as a rider, are involved in an auto accident while riding as the passenger in an Uber or Lyft car, riders should look into what their local laws say about insurance requirements imposed upon drivers. While drivers who offer rides from their vehicles must always carry insurance, an accident involving an Uber driver who was charged with vehicular manslaughter after a deadly crash shows that issues regarding liability in accidents involving ridesharing app use can be complicated. The first question you should ask yourself is: Who will foot the medical bill if you’re injured.

While it makes sense that the ridesharing company should be paying for the medical bills, rideshare apps have allowed a fleet of independent drivers to offer the service, which makes it difficult for companies to be held liable for injuries.

In many cases, consumers who are injured in accidents involving Uber or Lyft drivers will have to face a serious battle to get the compensation they deserve. That’s why making sure that the driver who’s responding to your call has an insurance policy is important.

For more important safety tips you should follow in order to stay safe while using ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft, follow this link.

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