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Two Motorcycle Occupants Were Killed In A Head-On Collision

A motorcycle accident claimed two lives in Cathlamet, Washington.

The Saturday accident happened when a Dodge Ram pickup truck crossed the center line on SR 4, just west of Cathlamet. The vehicle hit two motorcycles as a result.

The rider and the passenger on one of the motorcycles unfortunately died as a result of the collision.

The rider and passenger on the second motorcycle involved in the accident suffered serious injuries. At least one of the victims went to the hospital in an helicopter because of the severity of the injuries.

Authorities did not have detailed information concerning the factors behind the accident, but say that impairment does not appear to be a factor. They are still investigating to learn more.

We hope the authorities looking into this crash are able to identify the factors that led to the collision so others may learn from this accident. Knowledge is power, and knowing what caused this accident will teach us what to avoid.

It’s terrifying to think that so many of us are vulnerable out there. During a time that distracted driving is on the rise, the reality is that many drivers are not paying enough attention to the road.

That’s why we report on these accidents, to help our readers to learn from these accidents so they can avoid the same fate.

Involved In A Motorcycle Accident? Don’t Fight The Negligent Party Alone

Motorcycle accidents can be serious and are often deadly. Because riders are not protected by a carcass like drivers are, they are more likely to be injured.

If you’re a rider and you’re involved in an accident, you may end up suffering serious injuries. Some of which could even require years of treatment. If this is something that happened to you and you’re not sure of how to proceed next, you shouldn’t be fighting this fight alone.

For more information on the Cathlamet accident, follow this link.

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