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Two Crashes Linked to Distracted Driving Reported

Two auto crashes in New York and Florida have been tied to distracted driving recently. At least one of these accidents resulted in a fatality. To our attorneys, these reports are heart-breaking. Unfortunately for many of our clients, deadly and serious accidents continue to occur because certain drivers do not understand the importance of focusing on the road ahead until accidents like these take place. For many who happen to use their phones while behind the wheel frequently, learning about these terrible crashes may help them to avoid similar occurrences.

The first accident drivers should be aware of involved a suspected distracted driver in the town of Ellicott, New York.

The driver later admitted she had been reaching for an item inside the car moments before the vehicle veered into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The 35-year-old driver in the second car was seriously injured, which prompted authorities to rush her to the hospital. Unfortunately, the victim later died from her injuries.

The suspected distracted driver was reportedly charged after the accident.

At this time, we hope family members of the victim are receiving the attention and support they need in this time of grief.

While this tragic crash should not be ignored, and instead, used as a reminder that distracted driving can be potentially deadly, a second accident involving a distracted driver is giving local police forces material to urge others to avoid the distracted driver’s mistakes.

The crash took place in Florida. And according to local news sources, it involved at least two vehicles. The entire thing was caught on camera.

According to deputies, a distracted driver behind the wheel of a Chrysler Sebring was so distracted, he ignored the red light and ran through it, missing a white pickup truck just to end being involved in a crash with an SUV shortly after. The light had turned red for at least 22 seconds, deputies told reporters. Yet the driver never bothered to stop the vehicle.

Strangely enough, nobody was injured in the accident.

Now, local police officers are using the footage of the incident to raise awareness and remind others that distracted driving is as serious as speeding and intoxicated driving. Despite the risks, many drivers continue to drive while distracted, ignoring the potential risks, and often being involved in crashes as well.

When these accidents occur, drivers should pay attention.

Instead of embracing a mindset that shields you from responsibility, make sure to keep in mind that the moment you decide to become distracted, you’re also inviting trouble.

Distraction causes delays to your actions, making it difficult for us to avoid crashes simply because we’re not aware of what is going on before us.

If you’re a driver and you are serious about your safety, remember these crashes and avoid similar occurrences by simply keeping your attention focused on the road ahead.

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