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TV Personality Shares Child’s Dog Bite Story On Social Media

Dog bite incidents are not that rare and that’s a problem. As many pet owners appear oblivious to the risks, countless children and other vulnerable individuals are exposed to serious and at times, deadly risks due to dog aggression.

The latest child to be in the receiving end of this type of incident was Kim Zolciak’s son. The TV personality took to Instagram to report that her son was injured but that he was recovering after having been beaten by a dog.

In her social media post, Zolciak thanked everyone for their prayers and support.

The child, a 4-year-old boy, was attacked by a dog and had to undergo surgery as a result. The injuries were described as being “traumatic” and the family was obviously under a lot of pain and stress as a result.

As personal injury attorneys who have been aware of countless stories of dog bite incidents, we know just how traumatizing they are. Not only because dog attacks can be violent at times, but because all too often, children are the victims.

As young, immature, and still unprepared children are exposed to such an event, many end up scarred for life, not only physically, but mentally as well.

Those who have been the victim of such incidents can attest to that. Unfortunately, many end up refraining from contacting an attorney to help them with their case. As a result, many end up fending for themselves, having to fing the means to cover all medical expenses on their own when dog owners responsible for the incident should be penalized.

While we’re glad to see this young boy recovering from his injuries, we hope this incident raises awareness of the risks associated with allowing aggressive dogs near children.

Since many of these incidents involve dogs with which children and their families are familiar with, many don’t even see these incidents coming.

For pet owners, it’s imperative that you socialize your dog correctly and that it’s used to being around children and adults of all ages. Also, make sure to know your dog. If it shows signs of aggression, act accordingly so that your dog isn’t exposing anyone to any major or serious risks.

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