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Deep-Frying Your Turkey This Thanksgiving? Follow These Safety Tips

Are you tasked with the chore of cooking the turkey this Thanksgiving? Here at Bernard Law Group we know just how complicated and dangerous this seemingly innocent activity may be. That’s why we decided to take alook at what safety experts are saying to compile a list of safety tips you should not ignore this holiday. After all, you want to make sure that your Thanksgiving is fun and safe.

According to experts, if you’re going to take a different approach to cooking your turkey this year by deep-frying, remember that while this method will make for a tasty meal, it may also lead to a serious accident.

In order to avoid injuries or fires, you may want to consider taking the bird to a professional who will be able to fry the turkey in full. But if you prefer to do it on your own, then you should always keep your eye on it.

According to firefighters, you should never leave the cooking equipment along unless you’re completely done with it. Every year, cooking fires around Thanksgiving keep firefighters busy. If a fire begins in a pot, firefighters add, and the cook happens to realize it right away, a larger frie may be prevented by simply putting a lid on the pan.

Firefighters and safety experts also urge consumers to avoid throwing flour on the fire as it may only get worse.

When deep-frying the bird, authorities urge consumers to never over fill the pot with oil. Also, check the surroundings so the turkey is not near any flammable surface. Check the turkey’s guidelines so you know how much oil you should add.

Before starting the preparations, safety experts also urge consumers to check the smoke detectors.

Experts also remind consumers to never pour grease down the drain. Instead, mix it with coffee grounds or kitty litter to dispose of it safely. And if after considering all risks you still want to prepare the turkey at home, then make sure you have a fire extinguisher at hand. You can always stop by a fire station to get it checked.

For more safety tips on how to avoid incidents if you’re going to deep-fry your turkey, follow this link.

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