Truck Vs. Pedestrian Accident On I-5 In Seattle Turns Deadly

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A dump truck was behind the horrific deadly accident involving a pedestrian in downtown Seattle.

According to the Washington State Patrol, the dump truck hit the pedestrian while he was trying to run across Interstate 5. The collision happened early in the morning on Wednesday. Authorities later revealed the man died at the scene.

Officials did not say whether the crash included other vehicles.

The accident blocked the southbound lanes and caused back-ups that covered miles of road. Many commuters had a hard time getting to work as a result.

The pedestrian was trying run from one side to the other of the road when the truck collided with him. Officials say that the driver may have not been able to avoid the accident because of how fast everything happened.

Pedestrians Should Not Try To Cross Outside of Crosswalks

Washington law states that pedestrians who cross a roadway at any point other than within marked crosswalks must yield the right away to vehicles.

Putting yourself at risk by crossing a busy freeway is just not worth it. Especially now that authorities say that 1,000 people move into Seattle area every week. With more people in town, roads tend to be busier. If roads are busier, both drivers and pedestrians must be alert to the risks.

Officials must investigate this incident to learn what was behind the pedestrian’s decision to cross the road the way he did. This may help other Washington residents by giving them a better idea of what kinds of behavior can lead to deadly accidents.

We are saddened this horrific deadly pedestrian accident involving a truck happened. And hope the victim’s family is getting the support they need at this time.

Hopefully, Washingtonians are paying attention and acting accordingly to avoid similar pedestrian accidents.

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