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WSP: I-90 Injury Truck Accident Happened While It Snowed Hard

A horrific accident on I-90 in Ellensburg caused the road to be closed for several hours. According to the Washington State Patrol, this tragic crash unfortunately ended up resulting in injury.

Here at our firm, we are always heartbroken to learn of auto crashes. But we’re especially concerned about accidents involving large vehicles such as trucks and buses. After all, many of these accidents end up resulting in injury and sometimes fatal ones.

This particular accident happened early in the morning near Cle Elum. The semi-truck crash ended up spreading debris across the road.

Washington officials say that at the time of the accident, the weather wasn’t optimal as it was snowing hard. While we do not know if the accident was actually caused by the bad weather, we can attest to the risks associated with bad road conditions.

An accident may arise due to a driver’s inability to handle poor weather conditions or because he or she may be speeding. While on snowy or icy roads, drivers must remember that accidents are more likely.

Speeding in such conditions may cause the driver to lose control over their vehicles. As a result, the vehicles may slid or even flip over, increasing the risk of injuries and fatalities.

While we’re thankful that this accident did not result in any deadly injuries, we are hopeful that this crash will inspire others to be better and safer drivers during winter time.

Instead of speeding, and instead of taking actions that might be dangerous while driving in a snowstorm, drivers must be aware of the risks and drive responsibly. That’s how an accident such as this can be prevented.

Until the WSP officials investigating this accident are able to unveil more details as to how this accident happened, we urge you to never speed, especially when weather conditions aren’t optimal.

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