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WSP: Truck Accidents Continue To Scare Olympia Residents

Many semi truck accidents happen when we least expect. As Washington residents, we know that especially during wintertime, it’s especially scary for anybody driving a small vehicle to share a road with a large vehicle such as a semi. Especially if it’s going at high speed rates.

According to a series of recent news reports, a semi truck crashed while traveling on the northbound lane of the Interstate 5. The accident happened on Wednesday night and as a result, the lanes were blocked for long period of time.

The Washington State Patrol reported that the accident happened close to the Highway 101 exist and that the truck driver was not injured. No other vehicles were involved.

Officials have still to confirm what factor led to the accident. Although we are aware that some of the diesel fuel in the vehicle leaked just above Capitol Lake. This prompted the Department of Ecology to be called to the scene.

We are glad that an accident that could have resulted in more damage and injuries thankfully did not go down that route. Still, we’re concerned that other similar accidents may happen, especially if we’re not told what type of factor has been to blame for this particular truck crash.

As personal injury attorneys, we’ve have helped countless drivers involved in accidents triggered by large trucks. We know that the fact these vehicles are large and heavy make for a very dangerous combination. When involved in aggressive accidents, these vehicles often impact others and, as a result, end up provoking injuries.

If you’re ever involved in a semi truck accident such as the one in Olympia and you were injured, do not hesitate to contact us for a free case evaluation. Whether you or a loved one has been injured, you should be able to have the best legal team representing you in court so that you can get the compensation you deserve.

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