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Snohomish Truck Accident Was ‘Intentional,’ Officials Say

Not all accidents are caused by distracted, oblivious, or drowsy drivers. Sometimes, they are caused by motorists who simply want to crash into another vehicle for whatever reason. At least that’s what the latest Snohomish accident involving a box truck appears to indicate.

According to several Washington State Patrol officials, a bomb squad was called to State Route 9 in Snohomish County after a vehicle traveling southbound simply crossed into the northbound lanes where it crashed into a box truck.

The collision was intentional, officials told reporters. But while the truck driver said that the car that intentionally crashed into him was carrying an explosive device, officials did not find anything upon further inspection.

After the collision, the driver to blame for the crash fled the scene, leaving behind the vehicle.

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the accident.

While this accident is unique and perhaps peculiar in how it took place, it’s important to note that many auto vs truck accidents occur because drivers are inattentive, drunk, or drowsy.

During this time of the year, accidents may also be caused by difficult weather or road conditions. In order to avoid collisions and accidents, drivers must act accordingly by avoiding distractions, staying focused and attentive the whole time, and never allowing intoxication to interfere with their driving abilities.

If you’re readying to party and drink during your holiday season, remember that driving while intoxicated isn’t only illegal, it’s also deadly.

We hope the Washington State Patrol officers looking into this accident are able to determine whether this accident was intentional and what may have motivated the driver so that he or she may be brought to justice.

As personal injury lawyers, we work tirelessly to make sure that victims of similar accidents get the justice they deserve. We hope the victim in this accident is getting the support he deserves.

For more on this Snohomish truck accident, follow this link.

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