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Troopers Sue Patrol Car Maker, Say Vehicles Poisoned Them

Washington State Patrol troopers claim that the vehicles they drove while on duty for years poisoned them. Because of this problem, they decided to sue Ford Motor Company ad ask for damages.

According to a series of reports, the issue stems from a design flaw that allowed exhaust fumes to enter the passenger compartment. This would happen any time troopers would turn on the defroster or air conditioner. According to the attorney representing the troopers, because the air vents are adjacent to the manifold, using the air system became a health hazard.

At least one trooper could not go back to work because he is still too sick, the attorney added.

The flaw, the attorney explained, was built in both the law enforcement and civilian models from the 2011 through the 2018 models.

The risk of poisoning is high in cases such as this, as carbon monoxide causes neurological damage. Over time, it could even lead to the victim’s death. Many of the troopers now suing Ford say they felt what seemed to be a heart attack. Eventually, they had to rush to the emergency room.



As Troopers Sue Ford, We Should Demand Answers

Consumers and troopers are right to be angry at the company over this problem. After all, a design flaw such as this could put countless lives at risk, especially for those who drive for long hours on a regular basis.

According to the attorney representing the troopers, it’s important that the impacted vehicles are off the road.

Unfortunate, the attorney said, there’s no fix, and without a fix, people aren’t safe.

The lawsuit did not specify what amount troopers want, leaving it to the jury to decide. And when asked to comment, Ford simply said that safety comes first. The company claims it investigated this problem thoroughly to find that the issues with the Police Interceptor Utilities vehicles stem from unsealed holes from the installation of police equipment. Ford also sustains that this issue is due to third party installations and has nothing to do with Ford.

Until we learn more from this lawsuit, the attorney said that she also plans to file a complaint against the Washington State Patrol for failing to monitor the issue and protect its troopers.


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