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Tri-Cities: 7 People Booked For DUI In A 72-Hour Period

Folks in the Tri-Cities area may not know this but officials are catching many drivers drinking and driving.

The latest effort to crack down on intoxicated motorists happened on the weekend after high school graduations, officials said. In a 72-hour period, the Washington State Patrol booked seven people in the region for DUI. While officials aren’t sure if there’s a correlation between these parties and DUI arrests, officials are concerned that this may continue happening in the future.

In order to make sure teenagers and young adults are not exposing themselves and others to risks, parents should lead by example and teach them about the risks of drinking and driving early on. That means that parents who are holding barbecues and other events should never drive while intoxicated.

But driving while under the influence isn’t the only risk we face in Washington.

In Kennewick, on top of a DUI, officials said they also arrested a person for boating while under the influence.

Officials are warning residents that during summer, accidents will be more likely to occur. After all, more people leave their homes and go on trips, even if short, to enjoy the summer and the time off from school. If drivers aren’t serious about staying safe, their fun time will turn into hard times.

Plan Ahead To Avoid DUIs

Whether you’re enjoying summer by drinking or smoking marijuana with friends, officials said, it is important that you do so lawfully. Furthermore, it is important to remember that vehicles are weapons. Putting other people’s lives in danger because you decided to drive while intoxicated is not only wrong but also illegal.


In addition, Washingtonians are urged to stay hydrated while boating or hanging out with friends and drinking. If you’re simply consuming alcohol and not drinking enough water, you will be especially affected by the alcohol.

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